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Pop/rock choir for teenagers

What is Fusion?

Can I sing in a choir? YES, YOU CAN!!!

Can I learn an instrument? YES, YOU CAN!!!

Can I learn two instruments? YES, YOU CAN!!!

Can I dance? YES, YOU CAN!!!

Fusion is a community for teenagers to get together and enjoy music, make friends, become family and have fun!
Each Fusion is hosted by a church that loves its community and wants to share the love of God.

What happens at Fusion

Fusion meets weekly from September until June to rehearse and get ready for season's end concert. During the summer we have a camp. Sometimes we go on tours or to Fusion festivals where we meet all the other Fusions in Europe!

I want to be in one!

At the moment we have a Fusion choir in Sofia. Want a Fusion near you? Let us know

Do you want to be part of it?